Advantages of Replacing your Air Conditioner and Furnace at the Same Time


We often get asked by our customers if they should replace their air conditioner and furnace at the same time. While we don’t make that recommendation 100% of the time, there are many instances when it makes logical, financial sense to do so. Read on to discover the benefits of replacing your entire HVAC system at one time.

You’ll avoid problems caused by incompatible technologies

Your furnace and air conditioner operate independently but they do share certain parts, such as the blower and the air handler. Matched systems are designed to work together in order to perform optimally. When not properly matched, your system’s lifespan decreases drastically.

You’ll save money on repairs

If part of your HVAC system breaks and both your air conditioner and furnace are still under warranty, the issue will likely be fixed with little or no cost to you. If only one half of the system is still under warranty (for example the air conditioner), things get a bit trickier, especially if the broken part is used by both the air conditioner and the furnace. In fact, some manufacturers may not be obligated to uphold the warranty if the breakdown was a result of combining new technology with something that’s outdated.

You’ll save money on installation

Depending on the complexity of your HVAC system, it’s likely that you’ll save money on installation when you replace your air conditioner and furnace at the same time.

You’ll increase your home’s value

HVAC can play a serious role in your home’s value, which is especially important if you are thinking of selling your home. When both systems are new and utilize modern technology, buyers don’t have to worry as much about repairs and/or replacements, making your home more appealing.

If you’re debating whether or not to replace your air conditioner and furnace at the same time, look no further than the experts at Crown Group Ohio. We will inspect your current system in order to give you an honest recommendation and a free quote. Call us today!