Staying Safe in Extreme Summer Heat

Hot Outside Temperature Dial

Warm weather is finally here and while it’s certainly time for some fun in the sun, extreme heat can lead to dehydration and even more serious health issues. Follow these tips to stay safe and cool during the summer heat.

Keep your home cooled to an optimal temperature

Be sure you’re properly maintaining your air conditioner throughout the year so that it’s working optimally when you need it most. Extremely hot days are not the days to try and save on energy bills by increasing the temperature inside your home. When the high temperatures hit outside, keep your home cooled to a temperature that is comfortable for you and your family. If you don’t have air conditioning, go somewhere that does such as the mall, the library or a movie theatre.

Drink plenty of fluids

Dehydration can lead to serious heat-related health issues. Drink water all throughout the day even if you don’t feel thirsty and avoid alcohol and caffeine intake.

Dress right

Dress for the weather, wearing clothes that are lightweight, breathable and loose fitting.

Fix cooling issues immediately

If you notice a problem with your air conditioner, do not wait to call an HVAC company that offers 24/7 emergency cooling service and repair. If your air conditioner breaks on an extremely hot day, your home will heat up very quickly, and can present a multitude of dangers.

Stay indoors as much as possible

Postpone outdoor exercise, games and activities until the temperature drops. If possible, schedule any outdoor activities in the morning or in the evening, not during the middle of the day when it’s the hottest outside.

Check on family members

Keep a careful eye on infants or older adults during extreme heat, especially those who don’t have air conditioning.

Don’t leave kids or pets in the car

The temperature inside your car will rise very quickly in extreme heat and can lead to fatal heat-related issues. Never leave a child or a pet in the car, even if you’re just running into the store for a quick errand.

Know the warning signs

Heat exhaustion and heat stroke are major concerns when the temperature is high. Signs of heat exhaustion and heat stroke include dizziness, clammy skin, headache, nausea, extreme sweating, vomiting and more. Always be aware of yourself and those around you, looking for signs of heat exhaustion, and getting out of the heat immediately if they are noticed. If there is no improvement, call 911.

How do you and your family stay safe in extreme heat? Share your tips with us in the comments section below.