RV Repair & Maintenance

Buckeye RV has over 25 years of experience in RV repair and maintenance and offers service on nearly all makes and models of recreational vehicles. Our service experts can ensure your family vacation is safe, comfortable and hassle-free with our affordable engine and brake inspection, as well as our standard lube, oil and filter service which includes:

  • Fluid level check
  • Fluid refills (up to 1 qt. max)
  • Check/set tire pressures
  • Belt and hose inspection
  • Grease chassis
  • Oil & filter change
  • Acidity test on diesel engines

Once summer is over, head to Buckeye RV to have your RV winterized and make sure your coach is protected during the cold winter season. For an all-electric coach, our winterizing services include:

  • Inspect and drain all water lines
  • Pressure dry system check
  • Integration of non-toxic RV antifreeze into lines and drain traps
  • Flush & empty all liquids from black and gray holding tanks.
  • If motorized, test engine radiator antifreeze level (protectant to set to proper level is at additional cost).

Buckeye RV takes great pride in providing expert service and repair on your RV. See below for a list of additional services and prices for all your RV needs including:

  • Body work (paint, scratch, dent, interior, & exterior damage repair)
  • Winterizing
  • Lube, oil, filter on engines & generators
  • Generator repair
  • Awning repair

Contact Us for additional pricing information.