HVAC Warranty Basics: Understanding Your Warranty & What’s Covered

couple reviewing warranty

A warranty is typically something you don’t think much about until after it’s too late. However, with an investment as big as your HVAC system, it’s really something you should think about much sooner. Ensure you are protected by understanding the basics.

What is an HVAC warranty?

There are a couple of different levels of HVAC protection. First is a guarantee which is essentially a promise made to the consumer by the manufacturer stating that the equipment was made correctly and should function properly. Guarantees come free of charge to the consumer and are usually implied, not always written out.

Next is a manufacturer’s warranty which is a legal agreement between the consumer and the manufacturer stating that they will fix or replace a faulty part or product within a certain period of time. For example, if you get a new system installed and within a couple of weeks the motor stops working at no fault of the installer, you can contact the manufacturer to replace the parts. The manufacturer’s warranty is usually presented to you at installation in the form of a written contract or certificate.

Your local HVAC company may offer a labor warranty that guarantees that the system was installed correctly and covers you if something breaks down due to improper installation.

Finally, you may be offered an extended warranty which provides additional protection by the manufacturer or the HVAC company who installs the system. Extended warranties will most likely come at an additional cost.

Understanding your HVAC warranty

Warranties can differ greatly from manufacturer to manufacturer. In fact, a really great warranty can help you to choose between one manufacturer and another. When your unit is installed, your HVAC technician should walk you through all of the specifics of your warranty, including the length of protection and exactly what is covered. However, you’ll want to ask plenty of questions along the way. For example:

  • There are some manufacturers that offer a lifetime warranty on certain parts. If this is the case, how long does “lifetime” really mean?
  • In the event that I sell my home, will the warranty transfer to the new owners?
  • Is there anything I may accidentally do to invalidate or break the warranty?
  • How easy is it to use or access the warranty in the event of a breakdown? What is the process?

Finally, you’ll want to understand how to activate or register your warranty. This may be something your local HVAC company does for you or something you need to do on your own.

As mentioned above, every warranty is unique and covers different things for a different period of time. To ensure you are getting the most out of your warranty, it’s best to fully understand it before you purchase your system.

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