Your Guide to an HVAC Emergency


It’s a homeowner’s nightmare. You wake up in the middle of the night freezing cold because at some point while you were sleeping, your furnace stopped running. What do you do? Who do you call? Read on for answers!

What is an emergency HVAC visit?

An emergency HVAC visit is one that happens after normal business hours or on the weekend. You can expect to pay a little more for emergency services, and the HVAC company you call should be open and honest about that cost at the beginning of the visit.

How to know if it’s an HVAC emergency

An HVAC emergency is more about safety than it is discomfort. A simple thermostat malfunction or a clogged filter may not be cause for panic but other issues that may put you or your family in danger certainly warrant a call to your HVAC company.

How bad is the problem?

Certain issues constitute an emergency, specifically when your safety is on the line. For example, if you smell gas, your carbon monoxide detector has gone off, you smell something burning or water is leaking, call your HVAC company immediately.

What’s the weather like?

If it’s extremely hot or cold outside, the need for immediate repair is intensified. Do what you can to stay cool or bundle up, and don’t wait until regular business hours to have someone come take a look.

How long do you have to wait?

If a breakdown happens in the middle of the night or on the weekend and you have hours (or days!) to go until regular business hours, you’ll want to give your local HVAC company’s emergency line a call sooner than later. If you only have an hour or two to go and your home is still comfortable, you should be okay to wait to call until the office opens.

When in doubt . . . call!

As the saying goes, better safe than sorry! If you’re debating whether or not your emergency is in fact an emergency, simply give your local HVAC company a call to talk through the problem. Your family’s safety is worth the added cost of an emergency visit.

Preventing HVAC emergencies

Some emergencies are simply unavoidable but other can prevented with regular HVAC maintenance. Your HVAC equipment should be serviced by a professional twice a year. During those appointments, your air conditioner or furnace will be cleaned, tuned-up and inspected for safety. It’s the best and most affordable way to catch problems before they occur!

Crown Group Ohio is proud to offer 24/7, 365 emergency HVAC services to meet your heating and cooling needs when they are most urgent. Simply give us a call and we’ll have you up and running in no time.