How to Use Landscaping to Lower Your HVAC Bills


With spring right around the corner, you may have yard work on the mind. While landscaping can add beauty to the outside of your home, did you know that it can also be a great way to cut energy costs? Read on to learn more.

Use shade trees

By strategically planting shade trees on the side or sides of your house that get the most sun, you can reduce your energy bills by up to 20% in the summer. It’s best to plant tall trees, or trees that will grow to be tall, as they will cover the windows and roof of your home, the spots that get the most direct sunlight. In order to get the most savings, consider deciduous trees. This variety will shade your home in the summer but shed leaves in the winter, allowing the sun to reach and heat your home naturally. Just be sure to plant trees far enough away from the house so they don’t disturb the foundation or the roof when they mature.

Build a trellis or pergola

If you don’t have any tall trees in your yard and don’t want to wait for them to grow, consider a trellis or a pergola on the sunniest side of your home. For added shade, cover it in fast growing vines. Although this type of structure won’t necessarily shade your roof, it can help to keep your patio, walls and windows cool.

Strategically place shrubs and bushes

Tactically plant shrubs and bushes in order to shade pavement, driveway and sidewalks. This minimizes the amount of heat that gets reflected onto your home. Also consider planting shrubs around your air conditioning unit in order to shade it. Like any piece of machinery, it will heat up quickly in direct sunlight. Just be sure not to crowd the unit. In order for it to function most efficiently, there needs to be room for proper airflow.

Consider a water feature

Not only will it add a sense of relaxation and beauty to your backyard, a water feature, such as a waterfall, small pond or fountain, can cool your entire back or front yard by a couple of degrees.

Make these simple changes and watch your energy bills drop! As always, contact the experts at Crown Group Ohio with any and all of your HVAC questions.