Protecting your Outdoor AC Unit during Heavy Rain

heavy rain

It has been a rainy couple of months here in Northeast Ohio and taking a look at the weather forecast, it may not slow down any time soon. With all of the frequent storms, you may be wondering how much your outdoor AC unit can take. Generally, AC equipment is manufactured to withstand all sorts of weather, including heavy rain. However, there are some storm-related conditions that can put your air condenser at risk.

High winds

High winds can cause problems with your AC unit, mostly as it relates to flying or falling debris. Before the storm, clear the area of any loose objects such as furniture, bricks or tree branches. Be sure to inspect the unit as soon as possible after the storm passes for signs of damage, and clear off any debris that may have blown onto the equipment.


A lightning strike can cause damage to your system, or could cause a power surge, zapping the equipment. If a lightning storm is predicted, it’s best to be proactive and shut off the unit completely from the breaker prior to the storm.


Hail can cause extreme damage to your condenser unit, specifically reshaping the fins inside the system, rendering them inefficient or useless. If hail is a possibility, turn off your unit and place a partial cover (only covering the top quarter or so of the equipment) over it until the storm has passed.


In extreme situations, the area around your AC unit may start to flood. In this case, the unit should be shut off at the breaker and will need to dry out completely before you turn it back on. We highly recommend having an HVAC professional inspect the unit to ensure its safety and prolong its life after flooding.

If you run into any issues with your AC unit due to a storm, Crown Group Ohio can help. Give us a call.