Preparing your Home for Out of Town Guests this Holiday Season

welcoming family

Whether you’re hosting out of town family for Thanksgiving, Christmas or New Year’s, it’s always fun . . . and a little stressful, too. Cooking holiday meals, wrapping gifts and keeping visitors entertained and comfortable can be a lot to take on. Do your part to prepare before your guests arrive to ensure they feel right at home in your home!

Prepare the guest bedrooms

Wash bedding and towels in preparation for your guests. Leave an extra pillow and an extra blanket or two in the bedroom just in case they get cold. Be sure vents are cleared to ensure proper airflow in each room. For added convenience, print out the WiFi password and instructions for the TV to leave in the room.

Avoid a holiday heating emergency

When was the last time you had your HVAC system inspected? The last thing you want when you have a house full of people is a broken furnace. Now, before the crazy rush of the holidays and the depths of winter, is the best time to schedule maintenance. A technician will give your system a good cleaning and a quick tune up to ensure it works optimally all season long.

Change your filter and clean your vents and ductwork

Allergies can make anyone turn into a Grinch. You don’t want a stuffy nose or constant sneezing preventing someone from truly enjoying the holiday season. Change your HVAC filters and consider giving your vents and ductwork a good cleaning.

Ask ahead about favorites

Nothing makes someone feel more at home than having their favorite drink in the fridge and favorite snack in the pantry. Ask ahead of time about your guest’s preferences and stock up at the grocery store. Be sure to inquire about any food allergies or restrictions.

Be the holiday hero . . .

Speaking of stocking up, consider having some often-forgotten essentials on hand. Things like toothbrushes (raise your hand if you’ve forgotten one while traveling!), toothpaste, disposable razors and travel-sized toiletries are inexpensive yet can really come in handy in a pinch. Your guests will be thankful for your thoughtfulness!

Turn down the heat

A couple of hours before large holiday gatherings, turn down the heat a couple degrees. Especially in groups, people give off a lot of body heat. Paired with the fact that you’ll probably be using the oven during your party, everyone will feel a lot more comfortable if you lower the temperature a bit before they arrive.

Call the experts at Crown Group Ohio to ensure your HVAC system is ready for the hustle bustle of the holiday season!