Bah Humbug . . . Don’t make these Holiday HVAC Blunders

holiday decor

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! And it’s no secret that part of the magic of the holidays is all of the decorations – the colorful lights, the fragrant garland, a perfectly lit tree. While all of these things certainly put us in the holly jolly mood, a wrong move when it comes to your holiday decor can present some risks to your HVAC system. Read on for our tips to avoiding catastrophe this holiday season.

A place for everything and everything in its place

When it comes down to it, holiday decor placement is everything. Of course, a beautifully placed tree or string of lights can make your home look magical, but finding the right spot can also ensure safety and HVAC efficiency. For example, lights and other decor items should be placed away from thermostats. Hanging hot lights too close to your thermostat or covering it with festive wall decor can cause improper readings. Thermostats are meant to be exposed so they can accurately gauge the temperature of your home and properly communicate that to your HVAC equipment. Similarly, holiday decor should not block your air vents. Air vents need to be uncovered and open for optimum air flow. If you’ve had an outing at the Christmas tree farm this year, there’s certainly plenty of fresh wreaths, garland and trees in your home. These should be placed well away from HVAC equipment or any heat source – at least 3-4 feet. Really, you should pay careful mind to anything flammable including blankets, paper, packages, etc. that may be lying around this time of year.

Ho, Ho, Ho-rrible air quality?

Whether it be pine, cranberry or Christmas cookies, there’s nothing like the scent a holiday candle gives off. However, candles and air fresheners give off something other than just festive holiday scents – airborne contaminants. These toxins can be harmful for those with allergies or asthma, causing a cough, runny nose, sneezing or rashes. To combat this, ensure you have a high-quality air filter as part of your HVAC system and consider a whole house air purifier for an added layer of protection.

Baby, it’s cold outside!

Of course, half the fun is decorating the outside of your home. But before you go all Clark Griswold, think about your HVAC system. Be sure to keep all decorations at least a 3-4 feet away from your outdoor unit so as to avoid any risks and maintain efficiency.

Happy holidays from the Crown Group Ohio team!

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